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Top 5 Hottest Kitchen Trends 2019

Let's face it the kitchen is the centerpiece of your home; it’s where we entertain most of our closest friends and family, while preparing a meal or sharing some really good drinks. Spending hours a day in this room is definitely the norm. If you are thinking of a new kitchen i'm sure you're quite excited – especially if you've been living in a kitchen that is dated and is overdue for a makeover.

Ok so back to the task at hand. Here are my top 5 trends for kitchens in 2019

1. Pendant lighting

Although recessed lights have been a staple in kitchen trends for at least the last decade AND are likely here to stay, the re-introduction of suspended lighting has become a necessary feature for those looking to add a focal point to their kitchen design. The suspended wiring, allows your pendant bulb fixture to become the focal point of the room – adding a form of individuality and expession.

2. Indoor Kitchen Garden

If you love to cook and use fresh herbs, the convenience of having them accessible is definitely something you've been craving. No more dried herbs in the cabinet, fresh is always best! With cooking shows popping up everywhere and those Instagram foodies showing off their latest dish. This is not just another kitchen trend but a must have for every kitchen!

3. Matte Appliances

Who doesn't love the sleek modern look of matte finish? Gone are the days when this finish was only allotted to cell phones and iPads. This look is not just sleek, it's also very practical. This dark matte finish naturally reduces the appearance of finger prints and dirt. It also fits nicely with most kitchen materials.

4. Open Shelving

If you have beautiful china, why not save some money and add open shelving to your kitchen. I am not a fan of having your entire top exposed, but a few here and there especially in odd spaces can certainly add extra storage space to your kitchen.

5. Gold & Copper Accents

In the past few years designers have been trying to introduce this trend into the mainstream. If you want to add a classic look to your kitchen, consider using these metallic accents for small fixtures, such as taps, faucets, or cabinet handles. This will complement lighter countertops or darker toned cabinets beautifully and without going overboard.

Which ever one of these 5 hot kitchen 2019 trends you want to incorporate into your next kitchen renovation is a matter of taste. Just remember that your kitchen should be a reflection of you, after all you'll be entertaining those closest to you.

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